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You only live once, and if you’re an avid rider, the last thing you want is to compromise your protection and safety. This is why it’s important to get the best motorcycle helmets to keep you secure when you hit the open roads.

Unfortunately, many people often commit dire mistakes when shopping for helmets, resulting in equally dire consequences. Whether it’s your first time buying a motorcycle helmet or the tenth time, be sure to avoid the following mistakes to avoid wasting your money and stay safe at the same time. 

Getting Swayed by Aesthetics

Those attractive patterns and colors on helmets can easily sway you to settle for the most attractive one. However, remember that your helmet is not only a mere accessory you can show off to other riders. Your helmet is critical lifesaving equipment so be sure to choose one that can do that.

motorcycle helmets with attractive patterns

Whether it’s your first time buying a motorcycle helmet or the tenth time, avoid common mistakes to avoid wasting your money and stay safe at the same time.

The most important safety parameters to look for in helmets are EPS inner shell, high-impact ABS shell, and scratch-resistant visor. These are three essential components for rendering the highest level of protection if an accident occurs. The strap mechanism of the helmet must also be easy to use so you can take it off when needed.

Taking Your Needs for Granted 

Before you start shopping for motorcycle helmets, make sure you already know what you need in the first place.

  • Do you ride your motorcycle to work or school?
  • Do you love going on long-distance rides every month?

Identifying your needs before you buy a helmet will help you choose the right helmet suitable for you.

Choosing Motorcycle Helmets on Wrong Sizes

Many novice riders commit this mistake. A helmet should fit your head snugly to serve its purpose and function at best. The helmet might fly off during an accident if it is loosely fitted. A poorly fitted helmet won’t be able to render the right level of protection during impact.

Meanwhile, if the helmet is tightly fitted, it will put pressure and strain on your face and head. It might even bring about fatigue and cause unwanted distractions. 

As your family or friends, measure the circumference of your head so you can get the right size of helmet that isn’t too snug or tight.

Buying a Helmet without Certification

Finally, never buy a helmet that doesn’t have safety certification. Law-enforcing agencies might charge you a fine if you don’t follow your area’s local laws on helmet certification. Motorcycle riders who often ride beyond borders must complete the two countries’ certification requirements.

Motorcycle Helmet Safety Ratings Certification Guide | DOT vs. ECE vs. Snell

Your life is a precious gift that you can’t get back once it’s gone. Your safety is the last thing you should compromise on to save a few bucks. While choosing the cheapest motorcycle helmets you can find can be tempting, the money you save will be useless if it is in exchange for your dear life.

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