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Universal roof bars for cars

What could I need a pair of universal roof bars for? Virtually anything! Mounting roof racks on your car guarantees immeasurable versatility and practicality but above all a good dose of additional space.

It is the ideal solution for thousands of people including vacationing families, adventurers, outdoor enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, DIY enthusiasts, cyclists and more. Basically, a set of universal roof bars allows you to carry more things, which is very useful when you decide to buy more than you thought at Ikea! Whether it’s multiple luggage or baby equipment in a roof box, bikes, surfboards, or ladders, a couple of car bars can handle it.

Universal roof bars are used to carry luggage, bicycles, canoes, kayaks, skis, or containers.

Universal roof bars allow you to carry more stuff – luggage or baby equipment in a roof box, bikes, surfboards, ladders …

But it doesn’t stop there, how about that chest of drawers you were looking at? Or that old mattress in the shack that you have to take to the landfill? There are hundreds of everyday scenarios in which universal roof bars can come in handy and can negate the need to rent a van or disturb that friend who owns a huge station wagon. Basically, this solution allows you to carry more, freeing up space for you and your family inside the cabin, but let’s get to the sore points.

Universal roof bars for cars with roof rails

Again, more commonly fitted to station wagons, this handrail is a more modern take on the raised handrail.

Universal car bars have great importance in transportation of objects on your car roof, so they are one of the most needed car accessories.

They tend to be the most common ones on cars starting around 2006 and are flush with the car roof meaning there is no gap between the roof and the track. They are among the most important pieces of car accessories.

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