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Why would roofing contractors Grosse Ile Michigan offer an energy upgrade that has no immediate payback? Why would this same contractor offer to provide the customer with added value at no extra charge?

The answer is simple. That contractor understands how important it is to create lifetime relationships with their customers. This strategy builds trust and loyalty, which actually makes future sales easier. But the real reason they do this is because they understand how critical having warm, comfortable indoor air can be to your home’s well-being. And by providing additional insulation in the attic of your home, they are helping you maximize your comfort by minimizing your utility bills too!

Why would roofing contractors Grosse Ile Michigan offer an energy upgrade that has no immediate payback?

An easy way to think about maximizing the benefit of “insulation” is just like taking care of things like regular oil changes on your car, which will keep your car running longer, smoother and with less wear. Your home is no different. A regular (at least once per year) inspection by a qualified service technician can help to “inspect” the well-being of your home’s comfort system, including the insulation in your attic. This may be one of the least expensive services you could perform for yourself and family each year!

If your Grosse Ile Michigan roofing contractor recommends that you have this done next time you are due, do not go to another contractor until you have performed this task! They are saving you money by recommending it now, so giving them an opportunity to install it at the same time only makes sense. And if they tell you it doesn’t matter when you have it done, find another contractor.

Your roofing contractor is offering this service because they want to ensure your home’s comfort and the efficient operation of its major heating and cooling system, and they can profit from that by providing a needed service while installing new materials for your roof replacement project. So please let them do it! If you ever question why they are doing something or feel like you might be overpaying, ask them to explain what they are doing and why. If they cannot satisfactorily answer any questions about their service, get another estimate from someone else. An honest company may actually save you money in the long run with an up front explanation of what is involved if there is no immediate payback for their effort.

These roofing contractors are not trying to cheat you. They are offering you a proven service that will help ensure the long-term health of your home’s comfort system, and they deserve an opportunity to provide it to you with no hassle or argument. If they cannot explain why it is necessary or how they intend on making money by providing this service, then you need to find another contractor who can! But please speak with them first so you understand everything involved before making any final decisions. Cheers!

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