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Pre-workout formulas are specially designed to improve athletic performance and boost energy levels before working out. The problem here is that most of them are filled with excess caffeine, artificial sweeteners, and other ingredients that don’t support optimum health. Good thing that cordyceps is here to the rescue. 

This super mushroom has already established its reputation among those who want to take their athletic performance to the next level. It is known to naturally boost performance and physical energy production and reduce fatigue to let you get the best out of each workout session. 

This super mushroom has already established its reputation among those who want to take their athletic performance to the next level.

Learn how this mushroom can make your pre-workouts better than ever before. 

Production of Energy

Athletes will surely be happy to learn that Cordyceps can support the natural energy levels of the body. The mushroom has been studied for its ability to support the production of the ATP or adenosine triphosphate molecule. 

ATP is the main energy source of the human body and is necessary to power your muscles and keep you moving through daily activities and exercise alike. The ATP levels are in charge of your energy levels and they also determine your feelings of physical strength. 

Resistance to Fatigue

Fatigue management is a very critical factor for people who engage in regular workouts. Aside from making you more prone to nasty injuries, the last thing you want is to head into training with fatigued and heavy limbs. The anaerobic performance support and muscle fatigue reduction have also been shown as the effect of using the mushrooms before engaging in intense physical activity. 

Increased Blood and Oxygen Flow 

The main core of most pre-workout formulas is their compound content that boosts nutrient transport, oxygen, and blood flow to the muscles. The cordyceps muscles will help increase blood flow and allow more efficient use of oxygen in your body.

The beta-d-glucans found in this mushroom help in the delivery of oxygen to every part of your body on a cellular level that promotes aerobic capacity and stamina. 

Cordyceps as a Natural Pre-Work Out Supplement

You can think of this mushroom as your ultimate secret weapon that you can rely on to support your daily workouts. Whether you are into weight-based or cardio training, Pilates, or even dance, this natural supplement can work wonders for your body even before you begin your routine. 

How to Use Cordyceps as Your Pre-work Out Supplement?

The most ideal time to enjoy Cordyceps and ensure that it will support your overall athletic performance is to take it half an hour to one hour before your workout. It is very simple to add ¼ to ½ a teaspoon of this to your energizing tonic, pre-workout shake, or simply just to consume it directly from the spoon. The sky is the limit here. 

Thanks to its fatigue-boosting and energy-promoting potential, Cordyceps may be the perfect tool you can add to your routine to give your workouts that much-needed boost. Just make sure you use it for an extended period to achieve its usage’s accumulative benefit. 

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