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Spring is the season of the year that people wait for as the cold months of transition ease the world into the spoils and warmth of summer. But despite all the perks that warmer weather often brings, for many people, the season of spring also means misery and allergy for a big chunk of the population. Good thing that quercetin may offer some relief. 

What is Quercetin?

Allergies and Quercetin

It doesn’t matter if the culprits are foods, pollutants, grasses, pollens, or mites, these allergens can trigger the production of the antibodies called immunoglobulin E or simply IgE. The IgE antibodies will then attach to certain immune cells called basophils and mast cells making them release abundant amounts of cytokines, pro-inflammatory prostaglandins, and histamine. It leads to the most common allergy symptoms including itchy and runny nose, skin rash, watery eyes, asthma, and irritated throat. 

Quercetin is a type of naturally occurring compound that belongs to the class of substances called bioflavonoids that are widely recognized thanks to their anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant benefits. 

prehransko dopolnilo, ki zmanjšuje alergije

Quercetin is a type of naturally occurring compound.

These help the body eliminate free radicals and might also prevent some damage they often cause. You can find this compound in a wide selection of herbs, vegetables, and fruits, including red grapes, apples, cocoa powder, black and green teas, berries, broccoli, and onions. 

A Natural Antihistamine for Allergy Sufferers 

Popularly known for its immune-modulating and anti-allergy effects, there is a belief that quercetin might even offer support for people who are suffering from autoimmune disease and asthma. 

Every time you are having some form of an allergic reaction, your body will shift into a protection mode while your mast cells will start the release of histamine to help in expelling these natural allergies out of your system. It often comes in the form of tearing up, sneezing, or even itching. 

quercetine as a food supplement

Popularly known for its immune-modulating and anti-allergy effects.

But while the ability of your body to expel allergens is important for survival, the moment it overreacts to these triggers, it may result in allergic reactions that will have you reaching for the nearest antihistamine available that can help block your immune response.

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