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Oxalic acid gas vaporizer

So, you have finally decided to treat your hives with oxalic acid? What’s the next step, then? Just so you know, there are two popular ways to apply oxalic acid. First is using an oxalic acid gas vaporizer, and second is the dribble approach. Take a look at how these two methods differ from each other to know what will work best for you. 

How to Use an Oxalic Acid Gas Vaporizer

The vaporization method is considered the most popular way of applying oxalic acid which offers several exciting benefits. 

Oxalic acid heated to approximately 100 degrees Celsius burns off water and leaves behind water-free or anhydrous crystals. Sublimation begins once it’s heated further to about 157 degrees Celsius, which is the stage when it turns from its solid state to gas. 

Oxalic acid gas vaporizer
Oxalic acid gas vaporizer use various technologies

The oxalic acid gas vaporizer handles the process of heating to effectively fumigate the entire hive. A notable advantage of this treatment is that you can apply it even if you don’t open the hive. It is particularly critical if you apply it in the winter or during late fall when the low temperatures might not be conducive to opening up the hive. 

Apart from making sure that you don’t disturb your bees, the vaporization method is also notably faster compared to its dribble alternative. Some studies also suggest that this is less detrimental to the brood and bees. 

However, the fact that there are fumes present means that the beekeeper must be extra careful to avoid accidental inhaling of the fumes. A respirator is highly recommended to be used during this procedure for this particular reason. 

How to Use the Dribble Approach

The dribble approach uses a syringe for squirting the mixture of oxalic acid on the bees between the frames. The bees are unharmed by this contact with the mixture although they may consume little amounts that might result in mild harm. 

Gas Vaporizer for Beekeeping – No electricity needed

However, it’s quite acceptable considering the dose. This is why the dribble approach is most recommended for a one-time treatment instead of repeated applications. Based on this context, it’s an excellent approach if you use it during a brood break which also happens to be the time when the oxalic acid application is most effective. 

This dribble approach is also regarded as more suitable in general for a smaller number of hives or boxes because it involves some extra work compared to other approaches. 

Several materials are required when using the dribble approach for oxalic acid application. These include:

  • A container with a tight top for creating the mixture 
  • A wood or plastic stirrer
  • A scale for weighing the correct quantity of oxalic acid
  • A syringe
  • Hot water
  • Protective gear
  • Sugar

Whether you want to use an oxalic acid gas vaporizer or the dribble approach, what matters here is to choose the one that works best for you and your hive. But if you prefer a safer and more effective method, vaporization might just be what you need. 

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