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Wild pig hunting

Are you new to the idea of wild pig hunting or are you still on the fence about it? If you are not sure as to why a pig purge is something you need to consider, here are some of the best reasons to start seeing them as preys instead of pets.

Wild Pigs Mean Bacon

Now, this is probably the number one reason for hunting wild pigs. After all, who can say no to bacon, right? When you hunt wild pigs, you are going to bring home the bacon literally. Aside from bacon, you can also do other things with the meat like pork chops and ham.

Wild Pigs Carry Diseases
Wild pigs don’t look anywhere near as cute as those small domestic pigs

Wild Pigs Carry Diseases

Wild pigs can harbor fleas, lice, ticks, and all other sorts of parasites. These animals can also carry a plethora of diseases that could easily spread out to animals and humans alike such as anthrax, tuberculosis, cholera, and so much more.

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The main point here is that wild pigs are like petri dishes. Through hunting them, you will be able to save the health and lives of both animals and human beings along the way. This is why precaution must still be taken when hunting them to stay safe.

Wild Pigs are Invasive 

While abundant, wild pigs weren’t always this way. Since most areas have other native animals aside from them, such as squirrels, turkeys, and deer, wild pigs were forced into competing with them. There is no denying that they made some negative effects. Aside from encroaching upon the natural habitats of other animals, they also ruined these habitats and caused harm to the rest of the creatures in the place. A wild pig also tends to move around a lot so the specie just spreads further.

Wild Pigs Can Reproduce Uncontrollably

Saying that wild pigs breed like rabbits is a big understatement. It has been estimated that there are now millions of wild pigs and the numbers just continue to grow by the day. This is because wild pigs can start to breed at just one year old and live up to 4 or 5 years old on average, with two litters per year made up of 1 up to 13 piglets. This means that the population of these animals will continue their exponential growth that can bring the alarming growth to even bigger figures.

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Wild Pigs are Destructive 

If you will try to ask someone who has lived around wild hogs, they will surely tell you how destructive they can get. In fact, they can cause billion worth of damages to crops, roads, native wild animals and domestic animals. Those tusks are called cutters for reason because they can cut almost anything they touch, and that includes the environment.

Wild Pigs are Not Cute

No, wild pigs don’t look anywhere near as cute as those small domestic pigs. Wild pigs are plaguing a lot of places across the world. While there are still people who think pigs are cute, those pigs you see online are way more mellow, mild-mannered, and docile than their wild counterparts. These two types of pigs are completely different so make sure not to mistake them to be the same.

If you want to help preserve the local biosphere in your area and fill your freezer at the same time, it might be about time for you to consider going wild pig hunting soon. 

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