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Slovenia real estate Maribor

Maribor is a Slovenian city known for its charming educational, cultural, and culinary center located in the northeastern region of the country. The deep historical and cultural roots of the city date as far back as the Middle Ages. 

The old city center offers its visitors a plethora of authentic experiences and rich heritage. This is one of the reasons why it is a favorite destination for people searching for a good Maribor real estate property to buy.

Most of the city’s tourist attractions are found in centrally located spots, with those in the countryside being the only exceptions. If you are still undecided if this Slovenian city is a great place to live or not, take a look at some of its exciting attractions you can look forward to seeing every day once you decide to settle in the area for good. 

Visit Sodni Stolp

Popularly called the Judgment Tower, Sodni Stolp is a medieval tower that dates back to the 14th century. This tower was constructed on the southeast portion of the city wall fortifications.

Top best places to visit in Maribor when searching for Slovenia real estate.

It has undergone several renovations through the years, including the addition of the conical roof during the 17th century. The tower currently hosts cultural events. 

Wander Around Lent 

Lent is the oldest area of Maribor found right beside the Drava River. The place boasts numerous historic and beautiful buildings such as the Old Vine House. It is also the favorite spot to go if you are craving some drinks because it serves as the home to numerous café bars that offer outside seating, many of which are even pet-friendly. 

Lent also hosts a huge arts festival at the end of June every year. This festival runs for two weeks and is considered the best and most popular time to visit the area.

Many towers can also be found in the place, including the Sodni Stolp, the Jew’s tower, and the water tower. It is also the perfect spot for a relaxing stroll with its many great options to grab some coffee or even beer. 

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