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While Maribor real estate may not get the same level of attention and interest as Ptuj or Bled, the area itself has a lot of things in store not only for tourists. It’s also starting to become a favourite hotspot among families who are looking for a place where they can settle for good.

With an event-filled calendar, the second city of Slovenia is always thriving and vibrant with something going on. Maribor is also the perfect base where tourists can discover and explore eastern Slovenia and everything it has to offer. 

While Maribor real estate may not get the same level of attention and interest as Ptuj or Bled, the area itself has a lot of things in store not only for tourists.

Overview of Maribor

River Drava bisects the north and south of the city of Maribor, resulting in two unique halves. On the north of the river, you’ll find the city’s oldest part while most of the south features some industrial areas and newer residential communities. 

With an estimated population of 110,000, the city boasts of the friendly atmosphere of a province instead of some of the big cities’ impersonal nature. The countryside is always within easy reach with hills surrounding the area, making the high demand for Maribor real estate not surprising at all. 

Getting Around Maribor 

It’s a good idea to hire a car to explore the countryside of Maribor, particularly the wine roads. You can also reach the Mariborsko Pohorje Mountain with its cable car in only 20 minutes from the city centre by bus.

The area is also proud to be cyclist-friendly, with many hotels offering facilities where guests can store their bikes safely. It was also not too long ago when the municipality launched its bicycle rental scheme with the city dotted with numerous hire stations. 

The Drava Cycle Path that passes through Maribor on its way to the northwest from Austria and onto the southeast at Ptuj is just among the numerous dedicated routes where cyclists of different fitness levels can explore the area. 

Maribor Real Estate Enjoys Harmonious Balance

The new and old achieved great balance in perfect harmony in Maribor. The Lent area which used to be a rundown riverfront is now being revamped to develop new spaces for art exhibitions and theatrical and musical performances.

The University of Maribor’s new flagship medical faculty standing on the other part of the Drava is now at the forefront of modern architecture. A city that used to be linked with heavy industry is reinventing itself to become a vibrant tourist destination. The young population living in many Maribor real estate properties spearheads the artistic and cultural regeneration of the area. 

With its cable car and numerous ski and chair lifts, cross-country ski paths that run for 27 kilometres, and ski slopes of more than 40 kilometres, all of these combine to form the largest ski centre in the country. Most of the slopes of Maribor are also floodlit so you can enjoy skiing even at night. 

As the area continues to capture the attention of tourists and families alike, the popularity of Maribor real estate is expected to grow bigger by the day. 

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