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With today’s technology, support of all major search engines, and an ever-increasing number of people using the Internet to conduct commerce, SEO is like going from hunting with poisoned arrows to chasingwith trained hounds. However, the importance of SEO can’t be understated.

Why SEO matters for local businesses?

SEO enhancements to local business listings can dramatically improve a business’ visibility in Google, who controls 35% of the search market worldwide. There’s tremendous opportunity for local businesses. But achieving high rankings can also require setting expectations based on how powerful Google can be and the small amount of advantage local business owners have over larger, national or international enterprises.

SEO enhancements to local business listings can dramatically improve a business’ visibility in Google, who controls 35% of the search market worldwide.

SEO strategies associated with local business listings are different and more complex than that which applies to international (or cross-country) enterprises, but the principles behind each local strategy are very similar. For this reason, local businesses daily need to optimize their listing and avoid liabilities that accompany mistakes.

There are four big dangers in focusing on local SEO: undervaluing manual efforts, overlooking opportunities that require high levels of expertise, engaging in activities that are contrary to the core goals of the business, and being caught in the frustrating hands of dubious SEOs.

You can use SEO best practices for your site to achieve this and provide your customers with the best experience when searching for your business online. If you are able to rank for a particular keyword(s) on several of the popular search engines, you are on to a winning strategy. These results help your site’s SERP (Search Engine Result Page) stay high in search results for your keywords. However, once your site hits the first page of results, the process becomes more challenging.

The first page results inevitably attract a large number of unqualified visitors who may not be interested in your products or services. When such visitors are searching for your website, they are more likely to click through on your ads than someone who has never heard of your business. However, with some SEO techniques, you can cater to these visitors and encourage them to become customers by giving them the best user experience possible for the queries they are most likely to be searching for.

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Good user experience is crucial for top results in search. People seek results that are relevant and pleasant to use so they can quickly find what they are looking for. Google also puts an emphasis on good UX prior to ranking a page. The site must appear pleasant to use and the page must be easy to understand. Google does not want to see tedious and complicated pages, nor do they want to spend time deciphering a site’s layout. These factors must also be reflected in the content.

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